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I recently created a site that simply has a variable and checks it against various possible values and gives an appropriate response. The program goes through using a lot of else if statements.

I'm sure there is a better method of doing this, but not sure what to use. I'm still learning PHP really.

Here's the source code to give you a better idea:


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Thanks all, it looks like it's going to say as it is for now then. –  Sam Apr 9 '09 at 19:17
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Probably switch is what you're after, it is equivalent to if... else if... .


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Thanks, that looks perfect! –  Sam Apr 9 '09 at 13:43
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If every code need a different operation, i dont think you can disguise the else..if structure..

You could use a switch

case "200":
  //then you code
case "401":
  //other code

and so on.. but i dont think you'll gain something relevant..

Other way can be store alle the code inside an array, indexed like $code => $message.. but only if you just print something for each code.

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another possibility would be to define an object with for the appropriate actions and dispatch.

like ...

    class Dispatcher {
        public function action_404($code) {
            return 'foo bar ' . $code;

        public function action_200($code) {
            return 'far boo ' . $code;

        public function action_301($code) {
            return $this->action_200($code);

        /* and so on */

        public function unknownAction($code) {
            return 'don\'t know ' . $code;


    $code       = (int)$_REQUEST['code'];
    $methodName = 'action_' . $code;
    $dispatcher = new Dispatcher();

    if (method_exists($dispatcher, $methodName)) {
        $result = $dispatcher->$methodName($code);
    } else {
        $result = $dispatcher->unknownAction($code);

    echo $result;

doesn't really makes sense in your case tough.

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