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I have been following the MSDN documentation on how to render a model with a basic effect.

Which is neat. I can change the rendering to display in wireframe by adding the following line to the example code, before the DrawModel method's double loop:

GraphicsDevice.RasterizerState = WIREFRAME_RASTERIZER_STATE;

Where I've initialized WIREFRAME_RASTERIZER_STATE in the constructor as

RasterizerState WIREFRAME_RASTERIZER_STATE = new RasterizerState() { CullMode = CullMode.None, FillMode = FillMode.WireFrame };

Is there an equally easy addition/modification I can make to display just the vertices in the imported model? From my understanding, Wireframe mode tells XNA to render lines instead of triangles, but unfortunately the RasterizerState method that I used above doesn't have a fill mode that displays just the vertices (it's SOLID or WIREFRAME).

Given that most of the draw functionality is hidden in the MSDN example, I was hoping someone could direct me as to how to simply render the points without connecting them.

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FillMode.Point was removed in XNA 4.0. This blog post describes why, and provides work-arounds.

In your situation you will probably find that you have to process the model data to generate actual triangles to render in place of points.

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