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I'm unable to get this mapping to work in vim inside an xterm terminal.

:map <k0> :echo 'Hello'<CR>

I can get the same mapping to work fine in gvim. If I issue the above command in vim on a terminal, it accepts it, and it shows up correctly when I type :map. But in normal mode, if I press the 0 keypad key, a "0" shows up on the status line, and then disappears with the next keypress.

I'm using the vim that came with Fedora 14 if that matters, and a plain xterm. The keypad keys work fine in insert mode, both with numlock on and off.

What am I missing?

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Try to add this line to your ~/.Xdefaults:

xterm*appkeypadDefault: false

and relaunch xterm.

The "Application Keypad Mode" is likely the reason of your troubles.

But I don't think you should do what you are doing. In --NORMAL-- mode, numeric input is used to indicate "count" like in 4dd. Mapping numbers to other commands is going to get you into troubles fast.

You should add a xterm tag to your question.

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Hmm, thanks, but this didn't work. Also, 'false' is the default value for xtermappkeypadDefault as shown in the xterm man page. I've used vim for everything for over a decade, and I've never used my *keypad to specify repetitions (not having to take my hands off the home position is one of the advantages of vim). So I'm okay with mapping the keypad. – PonyEars Sep 8 '11 at 20:18

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