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I have a weird problem. I am using Apache services to configure my windows services. As per Procrun, my batch files should have configured for start and stop services. my problem is when i start my application the start service is executed. but not the stop service. I am bit confused. I am working on this for a long time now. couldn't get it right.. is there any way ?

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You could paste a command you used to install the service i.e. prunsrv //IS//YourService ...

I had some issues with that too.

I have created another thread and when I start the service Thread is starting and when I stop the service I set interrupt flag and thread is stopping, That works OK.

There is an issue with this - if you have some tasks that need to be run i.e. to clean up - they may not be called. Still struggling with that bit - but I can stop the service no problem.

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No i dnt have any issue with clean up. Struggled with start n stop. But now i did a workaround to fix the issue. I read the PID of my application and saved it ina file. then for stopping read back from that file and fired a console command. Now its working fine. – AKV Oct 16 '11 at 8:59

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