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I'm using below code to publish a flv file on Facebook wall.


$attachment = array(
 'name' => $name,
 'href' => $href,
 'description' => $description,
 'media' => array(array('type' => 'video',
 'video_src' => "",
 'preview_img' => '',
 'href' => $href)));

$action_links = array( array('text' => 'Visit Us', 'href' => ''));

$attachment = json_encode($attachment);
$action_links = json_encode($action_links);

$target_id = "********";     

 if( $facebook->api_client->stream_publish($message, $attachment, $action_links)) {
   echo "Added on FB Wall";

above code successfully post the video on Facebook wall but when i try to play the video nothing happens even video file exist on specified URL. What am doing wrong ?

thanks in advance.

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you are posting link of video to fb instead of video.

For video upload use video.upload method. This way only link will be uploaded not video.

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Thanks for your reply. Can you please provide more details on how to user video.upload method etc etc ? any reference link will also be helpful. – MUS Sep 8 '11 at 5:10
and for examples – Astha Sep 8 '11 at 5:38

Here is an example how to upload video to facebook using the new Graph API:

For detailed documentation:

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I don't want to hard code the values for title and description. i placed two text boxes on form so user can specify these, how i can pass these parameters along with video ? – MUS Sep 9 '11 at 18:35

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