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Here I ant desired url like in php but how can I code this in codeigniter with controller, model, and view? someone has a code with this?


My Controller

function index(){
//some code to get search query value

My Model

function getSearch(){
//some code to get search value

My View

<form action="http://mysite.com/search/'; ?>">
   <input name="query" value="">
   <input name="cat" value="">
   <input type="submit">

I want also to retrieve the seesion in text field after submitting.

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  1. You should specify the method of the form
    <form action="http://mysite.com/search/" method="post">
  2. use this to fetch the record
    $query = $this->input->post('query');
    $cat = $this->input->post('cat');

  3. In order to retrieve the type text in to the text field, use set_value
    <input name="query" value="<?php set_value('cat') ?>">
    <input name="cat" value="<?php set_value('query') ?>">

hope this helps!

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@Kugustsumen great Thanks for the help –  noviceRick Sep 11 '11 at 13:40

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