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I'm pulling my hair out trying to parse out a craigslist rss feed to extract location information.

I used feedparser to parse the script into into entries and entry descriptions. Unfortunately the address information is contained in irregular tags within the description section.

the addresses are contained in a section that looks like this:

<!-- CLTAG xstreet0=11832 se 318pl  -->
<!-- CLTAG xstreet1= -->
<!-- CLTAG city=auburn -->
<!-- CLTAG region=wa -->
11832 se 318pl 

Feedparser doesn't like those CLTAGS. My attempt to capture the first line with regex looked like this:

addressStart = r'!-- CLTAG xstreet0='
addressEnd = r'-->'

prog = re.compile(addressStart(.*?)addressEnd)
result = prog.match(string)

...But that didn't work. What am I doing wrong? here is a link to the rss feed I'm working with ''

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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That's some invalid syntax. You cannot concatenate/format strings unless the strings are quoted. Try:

addressStart = r'!-- CLTAG xstreet0='
addressEnd = r'-->'

prog = re.compile(addressStart + r'(.*?)' + addressEnd)
result = prog.match(string)
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Thanks this worked great – foundatron Oct 16 '12 at 18:43

Try search instead of match (The reason is that the line starts with a < but you defined addressStart to begin with the !. search finds a match anywhere in the string, while match only finds matches at the beginning. Alternatively you could have redefined addressStart to contain the leading <.)

>>> import re;
>>> addressStart = r'!-- CLTAG xstreet0='
>>> addressEnd = r'-->'
>>> prog = re.compile(addressStart + "(.*?)" + addressEnd)
>>> string = "<!-- CLTAG xstreet0=11832 se 318pl  -->"
>>> result =, string)
>>> result
<_sre.SRE_Match object at 0x1004806c0>
'11832 se 318pl  '
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