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I want to implement lucene based hibernate search in my assignment. For generating domain objects I am using HyperJaxb3.

I want @Indexed annotation to be added during domain object creation using HyperJaxb.

I tried googling for this, but unable to find solutions.

Any pointer in this regard will be of great help.

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I tried using the annotate plugin to adds Hibernate Search annotations like @Indexed, but could not achieve. – suhas khot Sep 8 '11 at 5:41
Please post the error message, logs - anything that illustrates the problem. It does work. – lexicore Sep 11 '11 at 18:12
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Annotate plugin is the right answer. See this example.

This is how it looks in schema:


  <xsd:complexType name="USAddress">
      <xsd:element name="name" type="xsd:string">
              <hs:FieldBridge impl="org.jvnet.hyperjaxb3.ejb.tests.annox.Items">
                  <hs:Parameter name="foo" value="bar"/>
      <xsd:element name="street" type="xsd:string"/>
      <xsd:element name="city" type="xsd:string"/>
      <xsd:element name="state" type="xsd:string"/>
      <xsd:element name="zip" type="xsd:decimal"/>
    <xsd:attribute name="country" type="xsd:NMTOKEN" fixed="US"/>

You can also use extra binding files (see the example).

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Please have a look at my related question at…. Would be great if you could assist. – Hari Mar 21 '12 at 6:52

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