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how I can sum two dates?

I have two date in this format j h:i:s and I will like to sum them

I found this script but no reference about days and I'm new to this, here is the script, maybe somebody can make the necessary changes.


 * @author Masino Sinaga, http://www.openscriptsolution.com
 * @copyright October 13, 2009

echo sum_the_time('01:45:22', '17:27:03');  // this will give you a result: 19:12:25

function sum_the_time($time1, $time2) {
  $times = array($time1, $time2);
  $seconds = 0;
  foreach ($times as $time)
    list($hour,$minute,$second) = explode(':', $time);
    $seconds += $hour*3600;
    $seconds += $minute*60;
    $seconds += $second;
  $hours = floor($seconds/3600);
  $seconds -= $hours*3600;
  $minutes  = floor($seconds/60);
  $seconds -= $minutes*60;
  return "{$hours}:{$minutes}:{$seconds}";



All that I need is to sum two dates from two task like: Task 1 will take 1 day 10 hour 20 mins 10 sec Task 2 will take 3 days 17 hours 35 mins 40 sec

so the result will be the total time between task 1 and two

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Adding two dates doesn't make much sense. I can't think of any sensible meaning for today + tomorrow, for example. It does make sense to add a date and a duration, yielding a date (today + 7 days), or to subtract to dates yielding an interval (today - yesterday == 1 day). –  Keith Thompson Sep 8 '11 at 5:34
@Daniel: Do you want to sum two dates or two durations? –  JE SUIS CHARLIE Sep 8 '11 at 9:00

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just convert the dates using strtotime and sum the timestamps, than convert to the date again using date function:

$tmstamp = strtotime($date1) + strtotime($date2);
echo date("Y m d", $tmstamp) ;

but why would you add two dates in the first place?

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I edit the question, so I hope it's easy to understand. Your code don't work I think, because I get the same values ($tmstamp is the same all the time) –  Daniel Sep 8 '11 at 6:19

BAsically what they do, is convert hours and minutes into seconds and add those. Then they convert back to hours/minutes.

You simply have to convert days to seconds too:

$seconds += $days * 3600 * 24 

and then convert back:

$days = floor($seconds/(3600*24));
$seconds -= $days*3600*24
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