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The problem is to check in javascript: if there is an image,to add the padding-left. So in Chrom, Mazilla, Opera that works fine, but onload function doesn't work in IE7/8, the rest of the script also works fine.

    img.onload = function () {
      $('#text_near_img').css('padding-left', 162);

$('#text_near_img').css('width', 300);

Thanks for any ideas.

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Try using:

    $('#text_near_img').css('padding-left', 162);

to allow jQuery to use it's more compatible methods.

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I'm sorry, It doesn't work. –  Olga Sep 8 '11 at 7:32

Wrap your code in a document ready, so it does the check when dom is ready and check if image(s) exists:


if ($('img').length > 0)
      $('#text_near_img').css('padding-left', 162);
      $('#text_near_img').css('width', 300);


*The problem is that IE most probably is applying the css settings before the element has been added to stage, hence it will find nothing and do nothing.

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