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It is a glossary application.I have kept the data in string-array strings.xml

<string-array name="title">
    <item>dddd </item>


 <string-array name="definition">
    <item>This is first entry relate to bbbb. .</item>
    <item>This is a book.</item>
    <item>This is  aaaa so link it there.</item>
    <item>This is related to cccc</item>


In activity1, I have list of all data displaying in a list view. On click of that it will go to activity 2 containing word and definition. In an activity2 I have 2 textviews.One for displaying title and second one for definition. In the definition,if any title exists it should be hyperlinked and onclick of that it should show the title and definition.

I followed the link below to refer.. Android: Launch activity from clickable text

but in above question it is just a to do for string array?

Thank you..

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This is exactly what the Android Developer documentation is for Linkify. Please read the documentation!!!

public static final void addLinks (TextView text, Pattern pattern, String scheme)
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Pass the title as parameter in the URL if you using PHP or ASP. Or make your one view with a webview passing the title to the other activity.

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