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this is the code i've written inside jquery document.ready function.It moves a div in a circlular path when the page is loaded. div is having class 'pixel' . Now i want to hold the animation for suppose 3secs so that when the page is loaded no action is seen and after 3 secs div should get start moving. here 4000 is the time period of animation occurs.

var i =0;
    $(this).animate({path: Paths[type][i] }, 4000)
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you can use setTimeout:

setTimeout(function() {
    var i =0;
        $(this).animate({ path: Paths[type][i++] }, 4000);
}, 3000);
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thank you buddy..i actually had tried that before.anyways i figured what was wrong.it should be 'this.stop()' in the code –  harsh Sep 8 '11 at 7:06

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