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Can I fill out forms, execute events and javascript functions in Jsoup. If yes how can I? Or should I go for another parser.

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JSoup is just an HTML parser/"tidyfier" - not a browser emulator. To interact with HTML pages (execute javascript, fill out forms, etc.) you should use a tool like HtmlUnit or Selenium.

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OK Ok. I have a problem, I have two dropdowns on HTML page. When one drop down is changed, the options in other dropdown change. I want to change the first dropdown value in Java code, and then get the new values in the second dropdown, how can I do it in HTML unit? –  user517491 Sep 8 '11 at 7:28

Use Selenium - if you use Selenium 2 WebDriver API the main classes tehere are WebDriver, FirefoxDriver, JavascriptExecutor.

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