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Moodle's Database module has some predefined field types (text, date, URL, picture, etc), but I want to customize this to create new field types.

For example, I might like to create a new field type name IMB and tells what can be done when the user select IMB in the form.

How to go about doing this?

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The db field types live in mod/data/field. You could copy one of the existing types and rename the folder to imb then rename the class to data_field_imb and start modifying away to get what you want.

There are only 2 files in their to worry about modifying (and an image if you want to get fancy). If you need to modify any onscreen text use the get_string('stringkey', 'data') or print_string('stringkey', 'data') then just make sure you put the stringkey and value into the file lang/en_utf8/data.php.

Good luck.

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thanx a lot.. That helped a lot. Do u know do moodle receives data posted from the view/add form to the database, i wanna store them in some format different from how moodle e.g if i've several field and i want to store them in one field in the database separating them by certain character like "\n".. Thanx once again for your help! –  samdev Sep 22 '11 at 19:04

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