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I'm using FastMM 4.97 in my application in Delphi5.

Everything works well, if I run my application from the IDE with an intentional leak for test purposes. I get proper notices and error logs.

However nothing happens if I run my application outside of the IDE (run the .exe file from say Windows Explorer).

Am I missing something? Is this behavior intended? Can it be changed?

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This is expected if RequireIDEPresenceForLeakReporting is defined in FastMM4.pas (if Delphi is not running while you're running your program outside the IDE). Also see InstallOnlyIfRunningInIDE, if this define is set the default memory manager is used if you run the program outside the IDE (this define is automatically defined if FullDebugModeInIDE is defined).

You can use "FastMM4 Options Interface" for easy setting/viewing defines, highly recommended.

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Thanks, Sertac. That interface really saves a lot of time! –  simonescu Sep 8 '11 at 9:51

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