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When I link my site on Facebook, it correctly shows the OpenGraph information in the preview for the posting, but when submitted, it gets lost. If I click the 'Like' button at the bottom of the Linter tool for my page however, it displays correctly on my wall.

Page Being Linked:


I've tried a few guides' suggestions, such as the xmlns additions to my HTML tag, removing admins/app_id, and a few other things.

It used to work before a week ago, and recently it's been failing. I figure it's probably an error on Facebook's end, but I'd like some confirmation.

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same problem here...someone found solution? – Oren Roth Oct 13 '11 at 11:13

I have the exact same problem. The preview displays all information correctly, yet when I post nothing is displayed expect from the base URL of my site where it should be the title and the description.

I've also tried changing DOCTYPES, clearing my html, I even created a test page with the facebook example code for open graphs to no avail.

The problem persists as of Augoust the 23rd and I can't find a solution either. I think it may have to do either with Facebook itself or with some of my server configurations (something concerning the Facebook callback functions being blocked maybe?) but I'd like someone with greater expertise in this area to provide an answer.

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