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I want to create a console "shell" for an embedded device. anyone knows about an open-source implementation of such a thing in c ? I need basic line parsing to commands & arguments.

Something similar to uboot - console shell will be great.

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You may find usefull piece of codes in this shell a friend of mine is writting. His aim is to learn issues regarding the shell coding, so this project should keep small and easily readable.

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Thanks for your link, however it will not do, I'm programming an embedded device, so I don't have the privilege of OS abstractions such as stdio, stderr, etc. besides, most of the libraries also doesn't exist. that mean that I need to write everything from scratch. u-boot was an example to what I need, u-boot is loaded before linux, so you need to write your own implementation of everything... – stdcall Sep 8 '11 at 10:27

There is/was the book "Linux application development" It implements a Shell as example. I found this quite convincing.

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