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I am using the Facebook C# SDK to add Facebook functionality to a website.

I can successfully pull a user's wall but for some reason the hidden comments(the comments Facebook hides and instead shows the text "View All X Comments") on a status/whatever aren't in the JSON object returned by the SDK.

I am using code identical to the following to get the JSON object:

public JsonObject GetProfileWall(string accessToken, string ProfileID)
    FacebookClient client = new FacebookClient(accessToken);
    if (ProfileID.Trim().Length > 0)
        JsonObject me = client.Get(ProfileID + "/feed") as JsonObject;
        return me;
        return null;

Is anyone else experiencing a similar issue, or am I missing something stupid?

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My guess is that for each feed post that you encounter after retrieving from /me/feed you will need to request their comments connection, as outlined in the Post docs

I suspect that /me/feed/ is specifically designed to reproduce the feed view that would be seen on Facebook.com itself. Let me know if this isn't the case and you still can't get those comments.

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Hi Matthew, thank you for your reply. What you said makes a lot of sense - I was under the impression that Facebook would provide all of the comments in the JSON object returned. It seems that I was wrong :). –  Frank Allenby Sep 9 '11 at 13:48

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