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Hi guys I'm new to the C# world and to API hooking in general, also I never studied any C++ as always been a long time Java Programmer, I need help to solve this problem.

I created an application as a test for API hooking, that is an exact copy of the FileMonitor example application. But when running the application in .Net Framework 4.0 I get the:

"Unable to uninstall Assembly in the GAC. Invalid path or not Admin" exception.

I also tried to compile the app for .net 2.0 but I get other errors.

.Net 2.0 Errors

So I need Help to solve this problem and a step by step tutorial would be really appreciated. Here is a picture that represents the current problem: Problematic Situation

Also tried to use full path like: "C:\---VS2010---\Projects\FileWMon\FileWMon\bin\Debug\FileWMon.exe" and "C:\---VS2010---\Projects\FileWMon\FileWMon\bin\Debug\FileWMonInject.dll" to no avail.

Any Solution easy to use to possibly maintain 4.0 Framework for compilation with manual installation of these files in the GAC could be welcome (In which case I will have to remove the Register Method) anyway I still prefer an automatic thing because for multiple projects and for each test becomes frustrating.

I was suggested to use this method call before the Config.Register, but didn't work:

new PermissionSet(PermissionState.Unrestricted).Demand();

Thanks in advance.

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