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I have an input (at chat) and emoticons. I need to set when some body click on emoticon, to add its code to the input(without deleting the current text) For example I have written: "Hello " I press the smile image and the input must become "Hello :):" !!! NOT SUBMITED still at the input field!

$("img.emots").click(function() { var emots=$(this).attr("title"); 
    $("#message_text").append(emots); });

I use this but its not working (its putting the emoticon between input tags <input>HERE</input>

What I need to do ??? :(

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$("img.emots").click(function() { 
    var emots= $(this).attr("title"); 
    var $txt = $("#message_text");
    $txt.val($txt.val() + " " + emots); 
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.append is for appending child nodes to a node. An input element does not have any children. You have to change its value, using .val() [docs]:

$("#message_text").val(function(i, value){
    return value + emots;
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<input>HERE</input> is not valid markup. Try <textarea>HERE</textarea> and then

$("img.emots").click(function() { 
    var emots=$(this).attr("title"); 
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