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I'm useing JiBX to marshall some Classes. It works well, until i get a IllegalStateException

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Missing required object
at org.jibx.runtime.impl.MarshallingContext.pushObject(
at com.dreipplus.profiler.importer.binding.trans.JiBX_binding0MungeAdapter.JiBX_binding0_marshalAttr_1_18()
at com.dreipplus.profiler.importer.binding.trans.JiBX_binding0RoomProductVO_access.marshal()
at com.dreipplus.profiler.importer.binding.trans.LibRoomObjectImport.JiBX_binding0_marshal_3_0(
at com.dreipplus.profiler.importer.binding.trans.JiBX_binding0LibRoomObjectImport_access.marshal()
at com.dreipplus.profiler.importer.binding.trans.LibRoomObjectImport.marshal(
at com.dreipplus.profiler.importer.binding.trans.JiBX_binding0MungeAdapter.JiBX_binding0_marshal_1_3()
at com.dreipplus.profiler.importer.binding.trans.LibraryImport.JiBX_binding0_marshal_2_0(
at com.dreipplus.profiler.importer.binding.trans.JiBX_binding0LibraryImport_access.marshal()
at com.dreipplus.profiler.importer.binding.trans.LibraryImport.marshal(
at com.dreipplus.profiler.importer.binding.trans.JiBX_binding0MungeAdapter.JiBX_binding0_marshal_1_0()
at com.dreipplus.profiler.importer.binding.trans.Libraries.JiBX_binding0_marshal_2_0(
at com.dreipplus.profiler.importer.binding.trans.JiBX_binding0Libraries_access.marshal()
at com.dreipplus.profiler.importer.binding.trans.Libraries.marshal(
at org.jibx.runtime.impl.MarshallingContext.marshalRoot(
at org.jibx.runtime.impl.MarshallingContext.marshalDocument(
at com.dreipplus.profiler.library.LibraryTest.testExportLibrary(

The xml output stops at an other (further) position (maybe it get's not flushed):

                    <localizedtext size="1">
                        <entry key="de_AT">Furnier Kanadische Ahorn</entry>
                    <localizedtext size="1">
                        <entry key="de_AT">

Is it a problem with usage="optional" not set? Is JiBX expecting a field with doesn't exist? I'm missing debug output on JiBX but this is already reported as a bug in their JIRA.

if anybody has an idea what's wrong, or how I can find out whats wrong, please!

Here my binding0.xml binding0.xml pastebin

Thanks in advance

Florian Huber

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The IllegalArgumentException occours if a field is null, if it has (XML-)Subelements.

I doublechecked the code and I found the bug.

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I had same issue and resolution(setting not null references to "required" fields). Thanks @itshorty – Amit Patel Dec 15 '11 at 13:19

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