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My question is based on and similar to this one but a little bit different because property name will be variable.

How do I create a function which will return me index of object having certain value of provided property?

function indexOf(propertyName,lookingForValue,array){

 return index;


    {id_list:1, name:'Nick',token:'312312'},{id_list:2,name:'John',token:'123123'}

should return 1.

The main problem I have is how do I check the property value when I have the property name as string with me?

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function indexOf(propertyName,lookingForValue,array) {
    for (var i in array) {
        if (array[i][propertyName] == lookingForValue) {
            return i;
    return undefined;

Edit: Please note that I do the loose type check '==' on purpose since you are giving an integer to this function whereas in the array the value you search for is a string.

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Yes I needed loose type check only. –  iSid Sep 9 '11 at 12:50
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I make a function which can be helpful to you. Check it.

function GetindexOf(propertyName,lookingForValue,array){
var obj = array;
for(o in obj)
   if(obj[o][propertyName] == lookingForValue)
       //return index;
       alert("You have request for "+o+" index");
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