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When i click on Grid to view my list items then there is message "Loading..." shows up during the loading of the items into the Grid. I want to translate this "Loading..." word into french but i cant do it because its linked in .Js file.

How can i translate this word??? in my file grid-locale-en.js

(function(a){a.jgrid={defaults:{recordtext:"View {0} - {1} of {2}",emptyrecords:"No records to view",loadtext:"Loading...",pgtext:"Page {0} of {1}"},......)

Can anybody help me plzz

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You seem to need some client-side localization.

There are many plugins to handle just that:


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thanks @Arnaud, Yes i have doing client side localizaion, i have been using this above mention plugin but its work for .html.erb or .rb files. I have to do it in my .js file. If you have got my point then plez let me know its solution –  Nadeem Yasin Sep 8 '11 at 11:43

as you say you have a file called grid-locale-en.js is this something you made yourself, or is this part of the framework.

if it is the latter, i assume you could just go ahead and make a grid-locale-fr.js for french for example? translate all strings in there.

however this is just my assumption on the file name you already use.

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I think this is what you need: I18n in Javascript files with Rails 3.


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It may make sense to put the javascript translations inline into your javascript (if you only have a couple ones).

var loading_trans = <%= t :loading %>;
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