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Is it possible?

Please note I am not using LINQ nor Entity Framework.

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You could also check out Dapper-Dot-Net - a very lightweight and very capable "micro ORM" which - incidentally - is used to run this site here.

It's quite fast, a single *.cs file, works with your usual T-SQL commands and returns objects - works like a charm, it's very fast, very easy to understand, no big overhead - just use it and enjoy!

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My personal favorite is done using the dynamic object featured in .NET4 via Rob Conery's Massive library. Like Dapper-Dot-Net it is small.

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By going old school you can use Datasets to create strongly typed data table classes that mirror your database entirely right down to the relationships. It's a precursor to LINQ/EF that auto-generates a lot of bloated code but they're very handy for maintaining your field names, data types, data constraints and performing easily configured rapid updates.


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