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I want to refactor a VB program into ExtendScript to automate some drawing in Adobe Illustrator CS4, but have a requirement to read from a database. Is it possible to read from a database using ExtendScript? How?

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Illustrator scripting engine doesn't provided any mechanism to read external data directly, but you have several ways to do this...

  1. Write an external program which connecting database to generate VB script, and use Illustrator to exec the 'generated' script, which is the old way I have done.
  2. The new ScriptUI since cs3 provides to open a Window, containing a flash swf as a interface to drive Illustrator JS engine. You can read xml, call webservices, Flash Remoting inside flash content. I am not sure if you are comfortable to these toolsets.
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do you have any more information or links about your second method? –  Brian Boatright Jul 28 '09 at 5:09
yes it does, you can do HTTP request old.code.zhdk.ch/projects/CERNRepository/browser/eBulletin/… or you can read a file locally as CSV –  Lukasz Apr 27 '12 at 2:28
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I have a bit of a different solution I have been using successfully : Create a webservice that has access to your DB and then from ExtendScript use http connection to consume the services (and from there on you can do pretty much whatever you'd like).

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My understanding is that you would need to use ExtendScript to 'doScript()' with your VB code. ExtendScript doesn't have any real database connection of its own. But I'm familiar with people that have VB code to connect to databases and return results. ExtendScript has that doScript method to run the VB code. The trick, it seams, is to find a way to get the data back to ExtendScript to tell the Adobe applications what to do. .doScript doesn't, to my knowledge, have a nice way to accept the results of the embedded code. So what I've heard people do is one of several things:

  • Have the VB code write a text file that the ExtendScript code can read and parse.
  • Have the VB code add a 'ScriptLabel' to your Adobe Illustrator document. Then use ExtendScript to read that same label. This is really the same as writing a text file, but there just isn't a file.


Jon S. Winters, ExtendScript Support, electronic publishing support

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yeah, ES can read CSVs. just format your database using comma delineation.

here is a function that should do the trick:

function readPref (thePath) {
    if (File(thePath).exists == true) {

    var file = File(thePath);
    file.encoding= 'BINARY';
    var theText = file.read();
    return String(theText).split(",")


should return an array with what you need. have VB export a database and just use that to read it. donezo.

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please consider up voting or accepting this answer if this is sufficient answer. –  Lukasz May 7 '12 at 17:38
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