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In my C# project I need to connect to max 8 devices e.g. routers through console port. To achieve this I've used usb hub, and usb- serial adaptors (Prolific). When I connect everything togheter it's working quite well till I unplug usb hub and plug it again to another port on my laptop, or when I reebot my system. Then virtual com numbers are changing. I need to somehow automatically assigne those changed com numbers to appropriate adaptors. I don't touch adaptors, only the usb hub will be sometimes unplugged. So I thought of using WMI querry and find unique ID's or something like this but didn't find any property that is unique, of course PID and VID are unique but only when the com number doesn't change and class guid is the same for every adaptor. So next I tried to find location of every converter like in Device Manager (e.g. Port_#0001.Hub_#0004) and then somehow to retrieve comX number. So after some research I found Win32_PnPSignedDriver class and here I got Location property and FriendlyName with Com number in between brackets. I thought it would be enough, but as soon as I tried this class in code i found that after replugging hub new serial port numbers are updated very long, after unplugging, the old values remain even usb hub is not connected anymore. So finally my question is how to update those changed serial numbers for every adaptor, it shouldn't take to long. Preferably I would like to query for location of usb- serial adaptor in hub's port or by some unique ID ? Maybe I need to use another class or query more than one?

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Using PID and VID to detect virtual COM port won't work properly, –  arun kumar non ascii Sep 13 '11 at 6:10

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Study devcon Project


It gives all you expect.

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