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for the below given code i wanted to keep the select box selected with the value that is passed, but this dosent work

@yrs =[2011,2010,2009,2008]
<%= select_tag 'year', options_for_select([["Select" , "" ]] + @yrs.to_a,:selected=>2011) %>

please advise me to go about it.


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Remove the :selected=> part.


options_for_select(@options, @selected_options)


options_for_select(1..5, 3)  # creates a range 1..5 , with 3 as selected by default
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<%= select_tag "page_type", options_for_select(@page_type.collect{ |u| [u.data_name, u.id]}, :selected=>@page.page_type), {:class =>"select_combobox",:onchange=>"reset_form(this.id,'page_type_msg');"} %>

this works for me :)

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Just to clarify @M Tariq Aziz answer:

Your code should look like this:

@yrs =[2011,2010,2009,2008]
<%= select_tag 'year', options_for_select([["Select" , "" ]] + @yrs.to_a,2011) %>

The general format for select tag is:

<%= select_tag 'year', options_for_select(:collection, :selected) %>
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