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I have two problems with append/prepend on JQuery. My code:

function toselect(f,d){
    $('#workcont').remove('h2').load('pages/' + f + '.html #' + d).prepend('<h2>Some text</h2>');

Div on default is clear <div id="workcont"></div>


  1. prepend add code for a second and then disappears, why? (not hide! removed)

  2. remove('h2') don't remove added by prepend code. (if prepared wil be work) It's some function in my .js file.

  3. function calculate(); does not apply to loaded content. Use with live() also not work.

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load is async function, if you want some actions to be performed on loaded content - supply a callback function – Igor Dymov Sep 8 '11 at 11:13
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try prepend in callback

function toselect(f,d){
    $('#workcont').load('pages/' + f + '.html #' + d,function(){
    $(this).remove('h2').prepend('<h2>Расчет стоимости</h2>');

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Yes!!! Thank you! All works. But i'm delete selector before clculate() to make it work. – skywind Sep 8 '11 at 11:17

load has a callback function , the reason is that load work async and hence the prepend add the html before load completes , you may try like this

function toselect(f,d){   

$('#workcont').remove('h2').load('pages/' + f + '.html #' + d, function(){

  $("#workcont").prepend("your html");


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