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Schema has changed under me so that users FK is no longer in the entries table, but is indirectly referenced via the accounts table

I have the following tables: Users Accounts (FK from Users) Entries (FK from Accounts)

I basically want to get the Entries for a particular user using LINQ from:

var userAccounts = context.User.Include("Accounts").Include("Entries").Where(s => s.UserId == userId);

This was the previous query before the User was removed from Entries:

return (from pc in userAccounts
    select new Entry{
         Timestamp = pc.Timestamp,
         Log = pc.Log }).ToList().AsQueryable();

Just unsure how to traverse the tables and populate the Entry type

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If you prefer an association based approach rather than joins, consider the following:

var userAccounts = from user in context.User
                   where user.UserId == userId
                   from account in user.Accounts
                   from entry in account.Entries
                   select entry;
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thumbs up for readability – JK. Sep 12 '11 at 8:08

you can join user accounts table with entries so you can get all entries with userId.

something like that :

from ua in userAccounts join en in entries on ua.accountId equals en.accountId  into data
where data.userId = someId 
select data.entries

hope this helps.

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