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I am developing a chat application in android with smileys. I am fetching data(images) from my own sqlite database. i use grid view to display list of smileys. when i select a specific smiley i get the corresponding special character from sqlite DB and display them in edittext box where i type message. I am struck here "when i click on the enter button message i need to be displayed text message along with smiley image selected entered in the edittext". How can i display smiley images in listview. Please help me.

Eg.: Message .

Regards, Raghav.

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please paste some code –  user1765876 Feb 27 '14 at 0:47

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You can build your own chat application using opentalkon chat API for instance.

Check sample project at link below.

opentalkon API is very simple:

  • Message Send You can easily send message with doSendMessage(TADataHandler handler, Long room_id, String msg, Long transact_id) method.

  • Message Receive You can easily register handler for receiving message with setClientInterfaceMsgHandler(MessageHandler handler) method.

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