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I need a little help with explanation of how to do one thing.I need to connect to server and receive some data packets.Actually after my post to it, it returns me a whole stream with a lot of packets in it.My work is to analize that packet and keep reading the other packets and so on.Actually I know what to do,but don't know how to do in in Java.Server response is a String and I'm analizing it as taking the first 32bits,than the second 32bits and etc.I'm converting the particular parts of that String as int, byte[] and short and than get the Type of my Packet.

So how to keep reading the stream of server after I get the first data packet?

Here in my other question, you can see a sample of code which I am using : Java primitive types

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In the code you are using, it seems like you are getting the entire response as a String, I don't get where the problem is, you should loop until you have consumed the entire String or what? –  Simone Gianni Sep 8 '11 at 11:36
this is only the first data packet.I can't understand how to get the second,third and so on...till the last packet. –  Android-Droid Sep 8 '11 at 11:41

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