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I have a message object, @mail and I'd like to test that the "from" name includes a string:

@mail.from.should include @author.name

however, @mail.from is simply an array of the addresses the mail is to be sent to, there's no mention of what label the addresses should be given.

How can I access the "from" label so that I can test it includes the author's name?

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You can use email-spec gem for this. Some test example from my app

  include EmailSpec::Helpers
  include EmailSpec::Matchers

  describe "admin details" do
    before { @admin = Factory :admin }
    subject { Mailer.admin_profile_details @admin }
    it { should deliver_to @admin.email }
    it { should have_subject 'Your account' }
    it { should have_body_text /email/i }
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Great recommendation, thank you –  Peter Nixey Sep 8 '11 at 12:30

If you open up the email-spec gem, you can see it's actually checking the value of

@actual_sender = (email.header[:from].addrs || []).first

So if you'd like to do without an additional gem dependency, you can test against header[:from].to_s or something like that.

I had the same problem, gave up, wrote a detailed question here on stackoverflow, and found this question among "Similar questions". Funny how that works…

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Be aware that header[:from] will convert a Base64 encoded header. If you build a Mail::Address and set "Motörhead" as the display_name (label), this will be Base64-encoded in the header. You won't see that when calling header[:from] though. I little gotcha that bit me today. –  Martin Svalin Dec 15 '11 at 20:55

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