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Is there such a thing as a rails console for Titanium, where I could play a little with the API? or even better a debbuger?

Or could you recommend me a different workflow rather than having to edit-the-source > compile > Ti.API.debug() ?

I know I can launch the simulator in debug mode and inspect variables and so, but I haven't found a way to write some code an evaluate it, maybe I'm missing it.

Thanks for your help!

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Tony Lukasavage from the appcelerator team answered me here

In Titanium Studio, open up the Expressions By doing the following: Window -> Show View -> Other -> Debug -> Expressions

This new view should open up in the same panel as your console. Now, when you are running the debugger on your app, you can use the Expressions panel to test and test execute code. Just click Add new expression and start typing what you want to be evaluated in the current execution context. You can do so at any breakpoint, or any section of code you step to after a breakpoint.

As Aaron points out that's not exactly the same thing as a rails console but is similar to ruby-debug and a lot better than nothing : )

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