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I’m using wijmo calendar open and I can’t find a way of setting Monday as first day of the week. Can someone help me achieve this please?

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Wijmo relays (in terms of internationalization) on

To the options of wijmo.datepicker you can pass cultureID which corresponds to any culture defined here

The value that you're looking for is firstDay attribute (it is defined in every culture). Its value corresponds to the index of a day, in a list of days, that will be assumed as first day of the week. firstDay is set to 0 to set Sunday as first day, and have to be set to 1 to make Monday a first day of the week.

For example to set the culture to Polish (for which first day of the week is acutally monday), you have to do something like this:

    culture: "pl-PL"
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Yes that could be one of the solution but I don't want to pollute my code with workarounds. The nice people at wijmo suggested another cleaner solution "Set Monday as first day" if anybody have this problem. Thanks anyway. – djandreski Sep 9 '11 at 9:11

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