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I got two lists and I need to compare them and only return a List of Items not in both.

var listOfIds = new List<int> {1,2,4};

var persons = new ObservableCollection<Person>
            new Person {Id = 1, Name = "Person 1"},
            new Person {Id = 2, Name = "Person 2"},
            new Person {Id = 3, Name = "Person 3"},
            new Person {Id = 4, Name = "Person 4"}

In this example new Person {Id = 3, Name = "Person 3"} would be the result. A Linq solution would be preferred.

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not in will work for you

var listOfIds = new List<int> {1,2,4};

var query = from item in persons 
            where !listOfIds .Contains( item.id )
            select item;

You can check for more detail : SQL to LINQ ( Case 7 - Filter data by using IN and NOT IN clause)

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Great Thanks, always forget how to do it :-) –  gulbaek Sep 8 '11 at 11:38

You can also use lambda:

var query = persons.Where(item => !listOfIds.Contains(item.Id));
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