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This is my Entry Form of my Application.

While Clicking the OK button, It will go to next form for further processing.My Second form is

enter image description here

In the second Form, I have to choose,any one option button and then press ok button.After pressing ok button,i just calling some function and then it will return to Form1.But Form1 has not getting its control for some seconds.It looks like getting collapsed and needs to be refreshed.but i don't know how to refresh a form? Please Guide me to get out of this issue...

It looks like,

enter image description here

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can you post a code how and where you are calling second form? –  Samich Sep 8 '11 at 12:06
do you have some long-time operations on the first form? –  Samich Sep 8 '11 at 12:08

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call this.Invalidate() or this.Refresh() on the form to update it.

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You can redrew form by




EDIT: Some loops and operations on the same thread of Form1 may cause the from stopping of respone a delay. If there are, you may use BackgroundWorker.

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Calling the Invalidate method does not force a synchronous paint; to force a synchronous paint, call the Update method after calling the Invalidate method. When this method is called with no parameters, the entire client area is added to the update region.


And use BeginUpdate() and EndUpdate() if possible.

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You can use the Form.Invalidate(); or Form.Refresh(); methods.

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