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I am trying to integrate the openfeint unity plugin into our game, I got the xCode project, followed the steps from Openfeint Support Page but when trying to compile the proiect openfeint's header files are compiled as C files not as C++.

I tried almost everything without cuccess. I added the -ObjC build flag, and GCC_OBJC_CALL_CXX_CDTORS = YES in the setting of GCC .

Any ideas what went wrong? P.S. I also get the error message from Openfeint.h:

 #ifndef __cplusplus
#error "OpenFeint requires Objective-C++. In XCode, you can enable this by changing your file's extension to .mm" #endif 

Thanks in advance

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You shouldn't treat header files as compilation targets at all.

Either you are somehow marking header files for compilation, or including them in .m files, which are Objective-C (as opposed to .mm files, which are Objective-C++). Assuming the latter — which is the more likely scenario — you can simply rename the affected .m files to .mm.

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I checked, they are included into the Appcontroller+Openfeint.mm, I run the same project unde Xcode 3.4 and everything was ok, but under 4.1 I can't fix this –  Borissow Sep 8 '11 at 12:41
Under the file inspector, is the File Type for that file listed as "Default - Objective-C++ Source"? –  Marcelo Cantos Sep 8 '11 at 12:46
Yes, it's "Default - Objective-C++ Source" –  Borissow Sep 8 '11 at 13:01

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