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I am using following code to write in file in, but problem occurred when I try to OPEN the file to do some operations in it.. IT give me error The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process. I am using WCF to get parameter values and using .net 4.0

            string strTemp = Penn.Common.Shared.GlobalConstants.tempFolder;
            string str = System.Web.Hosting.HostingEnvironment.ApplicationPhysicalPath;
            string format= "MM dd yyyy HH mm ss";
            string filename = "XMLFile" + DateTime.Now.ToString(format) + ".xml";
            StringBuilder strbuilder= new StringBuilder();
            File.Open(strbuilder.ToString(), FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Write, FileShare.Write);
            System.IO.StreamWriter objwriter = new StreamWriter(strbuilder.ToString()); 
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After File.Create the file is already open.

Try something like

using (StreamWriter sw = File.CreateText(strbuilder.ToString())) 

this also closes your streamwriter automatically.

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I have removed File.Open(strbuilder.ToString(), FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Write, FileShare.Write); also. but not worked.. –  SST Sep 8 '11 at 12:21
Replace everything from "File.Create(strbuilder.ToString());" with my code and restart the application. Should work! –  rickythefox Sep 8 '11 at 12:32
thanx ricky.. now working fine –  SST Sep 9 '11 at 4:33

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