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I'm trying to get all my wall information (status, photo tags, friends' posts, etc.) with the stream table.

But when I try to do that, a lot of information which is on my wall doesn't appear in the stream response.

For example, I can't get my December status.

Can someone help me?

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From my experience, the stream table is incomplete. Using FQL to query the full table results in missing entries. A workaround is to query to original tables of the entries, e.g. the status table:

SELECT uid, status_id, time, source, message FROM status WHERE uid = me()

This is more complete. Obviously, you would have to query the photo table and others in parallel. In order to not loose too much time, you can batch the queries.

The stream table, however, seems to be fine for posts originating from friends.

A downside - apart from the multiple queries - is that the other tables don't have additional meta information about likes or comments, so these need to be retrieved in a second step then.

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