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{xtype : 'radiogroup',
            items : [{
                boxLabel : 'jjj',
                name : 'tyutrfytr',
                inputValue : 1,
                checked : true
            }, {
                boxLabel : 'kkk',
                name : 'dfdsfdsddd',
                inputValue : 2,
                listeners: {
                      check : function(cb, rec, ind) {

The code above gives alert no matter whether I press first option or second option. Shouldn't it alert only when the second option is checked?

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the event fires whenever the radio gets checked or unchecked..

check : ( Ext.form.Checkbox this, Boolean checked ) Fires when the checkbox is checked or unchecked. Listeners will be called with the following arguments: this : Ext.form.Checkbox This checkbox checked : Boolean The new checked value

  listeners: {
                          check : function(cb, value) {
                                if (value) alert('check');
                                   else alert('uncheck');
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