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I have one login form like :

Username: Ashish

Password: Pass

Contact no: 1234567890

State: Maharashtra

Having two tables :

create table DGRegion
(DG_Regionno Int Identity (1,1) NOT Null constraint pk1 Primary Key,
 DG_Username varchar(50),
 DG_Password varchar(50), 
 DG_Contactno int ,
 DG_StateNo int References DGState(DG_stateno))

Create table DGState 
 (DG_stateno Int Identity (1,1) NOT Null constraint pk Primary Key ,
  DG_State varchar (50))

Now how can I create one stored procedure P which will enter values into DGRegion and DGState tables?

After click on submit I'm using asp.net.

Problem is: I can enter values into DGRegion table directly but how can I enter reference of state into table DGState?

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Presumably the state Maharashtra might already exist and you only want to insert a new row if that is not the case? –  Martin Smith Sep 8 '11 at 12:39
A stored procedure can contain more than one statement so compile the logic you need and just wrap it in the procedure - a web search on 'create stored procedure' should be enough to get you going. –  Phil Gan Sep 8 '11 at 13:14

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Try something like this:

CREATE PROCEDURE dbo.EnterLoginData(@Username VARCHAR(50), @Password VARCHAR(50),
                                    @ContactNo INT, @StateName VARCHAR(50)) 

   -- check if state already exists
   IF EXISTS(SELECT * FROM dbo.DGState WHERE DG_State = @StateName)

      -- if it exists - retrieve the DG_StateNo
      SELECT @StateID = DG_StateNo
      FROM dbo.DGState 
      WHERE DG_State = @StateName


      -- if it doesn't exists - insert new row 
      INSERT INTO dbo.DG_State(DG_State) VALUES(@StateName);

      -- get the newly inserted row's ID using SCOPE_IDENTITY()

       dbo.DGRegion(DG_Username, DG_Password, DG_ContactID, DG_StateNo)
   VALUES(@Username, @Password, @ContactNo, @StateID)
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In the sp:

  • check if the state is in the state table
  • if not, put it into the state table
  • get the id (DG_stateno) of the state table, put in variable
  • execute your insert
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yes...How to write it into one SP??? which will execute after clicking submit??? –  ashish Sep 8 '11 at 12:41
I agree on the approach but needs more specifics. 1 and 2 are quite easy to get wrong under conditions of concurrency especially in the absence of a unique constraint. 3 should explain how as well OUTPUT/SCOPE_IDENTITY(). –  Martin Smith Sep 8 '11 at 12:41
Unfortunately I don't have the time to write full code example as something came up. If no one else answers I'll edit my answer with more details. :) For now, this should give OP an idea. –  rickythefox Sep 8 '11 at 12:49

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