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I have the following perl snippet:

open FH, " | lpr ";
print FH "Hello";
print FH "This is a print test";
close FH or die "can't close: $! $?";

I am getting the following output:

can't close: 256 at <filename> line 4

Any help would be appreciated..

Thanks in advance :)

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From perldoc -f close

If the file handle came from a piped open, "close" will additionally return false if one of the other system calls involved fails, or if the program exits with non-zero status.

The missing error is probably due to your lpr-process is not done, or something went wrong there. Did the print work?

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the print is not working... I think the printer will start printing only after the file handle gets closed. – Rahim Sep 9 '11 at 12:05
You should probably check that the open is successful too. use autodie can be handy, as that will do all the checking for you on vital functions. You might find a useful module at CPAN – TLP Sep 9 '11 at 12:30

If the filehandle came from a piped open, close returns false if one of the other syscalls involved fails or if its program exits with non-zero status. If the only problem was that the program exited non-zero, $! will be set to 0 . Closing a pipe also waits for the process executing on the pipe to exit--in case you wish to look at the output of the pipe afterwards--and implicitly puts the exit status value of that command into $? and ${^CHILD_ERROR_NATIVE}.

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