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Is there a way to use something like this:

private const int MaxTextLength = "Text i want to use".Length;

Imho it would be better readable and error prone then using something like:

private const int MaxTextLength = 18;

Are there any ways to have the length of the text as source for a constant variable?

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"constant variable"? –  BoltClock Sep 8 '11 at 12:59

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private readonly static int MaxTextLength = "Text i want to use".Length;
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Use static readonly instead of const.

Constants have to be compile time constants

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Unfortunately, if you are using the const keyword the value on the right side of the '=' must be a compile-time constant. Using a "string".length requires .NET code to execute which can only occur when the application is running, not during compile time.

You can consider making the field readonly rather than a const.

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Not sure why you want to do this but how about...

private const string MaxText = "Text i want to use.";

private static int MaxTextLength { get { return MaxText.Length; } }
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Does the value need to be a const? Would a static readonly work for your case?

private static readonly int MaxTextLength = "Text i want to use".Length;

This will allow you to write the code in a similar manner to your first example.

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