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I've been running a small application that I originally wrote under Rails 3.1.0.rc4. Last night I began the transition to 3.1.0 final. Well I hit a frustrating snag in the asset pipeline. My js is fine, my css is fine; however, images included on stylesheets are NOT fine. I'm using .css.scss.erb extensions so that I can use both SASS and the asset_path helper to provide paths to my compiled assets.


background: url(<%= asset_path "background.png" %>);

results in:

background: url('background.png');

which is a problem since the compiled asset is background-a76dde63a16fbb15fe1b4ec496b50877.png

Both image_tag and asset_path work correctly in erb views in the application, but not in the scss files. Any input would be very welcome.

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dose your application.rb has config.assets.enabled = true – rajkamal Sep 10 '11 at 10:35

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If you change your .css file to .scss you can use the _url and _path helpers that sass-rails provides:

background: image_url("background.png") will get picked up and "fingerprinted" in production.

More Info

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Can't say I've used that helper, but I generally just hardcode

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