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Sometimes it would be useful to put a simple diagram at the top of source code files, for example to explain the relation of the module/class to other modules/classes. Of course, source code is text-based, so a no-go for jpg or other image formats.

So, the current way of documenting a program with diagrams is to create separate documentation (in html or another format that supports images) which hopefully will be found be someone reading your source code (because you told them were to look, or because you expect people to look in doc/index.html, ...).

Still, has somebody experience of putting some sort of diagrams (e.g. using ascii art) in source code itself? That would make more sense, as the closer the documentation is to the subject, the higher the chance of being seen and being up to date.

Or there some good tools and/or guidelines to do so?

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Not exactly what you want, but two hints:

The documentation system Doxygen can build graphics from Dot-Sourcecode or message-sequence-chart-source from the comments. I think the Dot-language is quite human-readable. The documentation system Sphinx (Python...) supports also Dot-source.

Maybe you could use the plugins from AsciiDoc (aafigure, ditaa) to convert your comment-ASCII-art to other formats, so programmers can have ASCII art in their source and see real pictures in the JavaDoc(?)-documentation.

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Very rarely, I put simple ASCII box diagrams in my comments, but I prefer if the code is clear enough by itself. Since comments are text, you can also leverage existing text structuring vehicles, such as nested lists, paragraphs, etc., to convey logical structure.

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What about using noweb/groff with embedded pic diagrams. I haven't actually gotten this to work, but I've been backburning it for a while and all the pieces seem to be there.

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