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Is there any way to apend some configs (object properties) to created extobject.

var thePanel = new Ext.Panel({
   border: false

thePanel.addpendConfigs({               //How to?
   height: 40,
   region: "north"
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Use the Ext.applyIf. From the docs

Copies all the properties of config to obj if they don't already exist.

Here's the definition:

applyIf( Object obj, Object config ) : Object

Otherwise use the Ext.apply

Copies all the properties of config to obj.


apply( Object obj, Object config, Object defaults ) : Object
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i'm guessing from setting the region north that you wan't to add the panel to a container with border layout ... I believe you can do something like

thePanel.region = 'north';


dolayout method should force the recalculation of the layout on all the components ...


For the universal solution check Ext.apply

var config = {
   height: 40,
   region: "north"


But i think you still need to force the layout recalculation like above

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thx for quick answer. but i'm looking for universal solution. – TheHorse Sep 8 '11 at 14:04

As far as I know, once the object has been instantiated, you cannot simply whack new config options into it. It bubbles too much ( eg, say for example you want to overwrite the "items" array, this affects quite a bit of your actual object ).

Generally ExtJs has a method to do what you want to do however.

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