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In .NET CF 3.5 (on Windows CE 5.0), i wanna send receive data to/from a server over TCP.
How can i implement SSL TCP client for that issue?
It seems that .NET framework full version supports SSL , but not in CF!
I read similar articles and posts , googled for workarounds , sample codes, and free components but got nothing.

could anybody plz tell me what to do?

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We ported the Mentalis SecureSocket library to the CF for our internal use. The port was not terribly difficult.

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thank you. i did it too. – losingsleeep Sep 13 '11 at 13:08

One option is to use SSLBlackbox package of our SecureBlackbox. SecureBlackbox provides complete SSL support on .NET CF as well as on Silverlight and Windows Phone.

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