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I tried to mock class with method annotations via JMockit, and discovered that no method annotations were retrievable via reflection. Field annotations work as intendet. Do I miss something?


public void testThatSetterInjectionIsBombedProperlyOnNonAssignability(@Mocked final WithInjectableMethods injectable,
                                                                      @Mocked final TextView textView,
                                                                      @Mocked final Button button) {

Class in question:

class WithInjectableMethods extends Activity {

    private android.view.View asView;

    private Button button;

    // shall be left alone
    private View notInjected = null;
    // shall be injected

    @InjectView(id = 239)
    private void setAsView(View asView) {
        this.asView = asView;

    @InjectView(id = 555)
    public void setButton(Button button) {
        this.button = button;

    public void setNotInjected(View notInjected) {
        this.notInjected = notInjected;
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Issue closed. I was able to work around by excluding methods in question from mocking (see issue comments) : And issue is being fixed in the next release: – Konstantin Pribluda Sep 12 '11 at 6:38
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I was able to work around:

   @Mocked(methods = {"setAsView", "setButton", "notInjected"}, inverse = true) final WithInjectableMethods injectable,

I also started issue on jmockit, it was acepted and fix is promissed in the next release:

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