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I had requirement to send command to remote device and whenever it ask for "Press CTRL+C to break, other key to continue..." I should again send "Enter key" to remote device.

I have written below scritpt but somehow it doesn't work.

my $session = new Net::Telnet (
    Timeout => 30, 
    Prompt=> '/>/', 
    Input_log  =>\*STDOUT

print "connected and logged in \n\n"; 
print "Kindly wait till output stored in FILE \n\n";

my @output1=$session->cmd('DSP PATCH:;');
if ($session->waitfor('/Press CTRL+C to break, other key to continue.../')) {
    $session->print('');   # Assuming default is \n for print command

print @output1;

Output of above script is

connected and logged in

Kindly wait till output stored in FILE



some output of command send...........

Press CTRL+C to break, other key to continue...

and then it timeout.

Any idea how to send enter hit till my remote device ask me to hit enter.

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The cmd method sends a command and waits for the prompt. Instead, either run your command using print and waitfor (most likely saving the returned prematch), or override the prompt for that cmd call with the remote message. I'd suggest doing the former.

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Thanks hasturkun, with your suggestion I managed to hit enter via. problem is how to store all output to a print output of after hitting enter... my @output=$session->print('DSP PATCH:;'); while ($session->waitfor('/continue/')) { push (@output,$session->print()); push (@output,$session->waitfor('/continue/')); } if someone help how to store everything which is contains in STDOUT my problem will be solved.... – Mahesh Sep 9 '11 at 10:30
OK I got it via....Input_log =>*FILE1 it store all output to file handle:FILE1............Thanks a lot for your help...regards: Mahesh – Mahesh Sep 9 '11 at 10:41

Did you check using $session -> dumplog() for debugging purpose?

Try this :: my $telnet = Net::Telnet->new(Timeout => 30,Errmode => 'return');

Taken from Here

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