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I am setting up Jenkins to replace our current TeamCity CI build.

I have created a free-style software project so that I can execute a shell script. The Shell script runs the mvn command.

But the build fails complaining that the 'mvn' command cannot be found.

I have figured that this is because Jenkins is running the build in a different shell, which does not have Maven on it's path.

My question is; how do I add the path so 'mvn' is found in my Shell script? I've looked around but can't spot where the right place might be.

Thanks for your time.

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Some possible solutions:

  • You can call maven with an absolute path
  • You configure a global environment variable in the jenkins system settings with the absolute path to your maven instance, and use this in your script call (if you use the inline shell script, I don't know if those are substituted to a called script, you have to test)
  • You use a maven project and configure your maven instance in the jenkins system settings

ps.: Usually /bin/sh is chosen from Jenkins, if you want to switch to eg. bash, you can configure this in the jenkins system settings, in case you want to configure global environment variables.

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I solved this by exporting and setting the Path in the Jenkins Job configuration where you can enter shell commands. So I set the environments variable before I execute my Shell script, works a treat.

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Another option to Dags suggestion is that if you're only using a single version of maven, on each slave server you could do either; * add PATH=${PATH}: * symlink mvn into /usr/bin with; sudo ln -s /usr/bin

I'm not at a Jenkins box at the moment, but I can find some more detailed examples if you'd like.

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Jenkins is using sh by default and not bash. This is my first time defining a jenkins maven job, and I also followed soem regular maven instructions (for running from command line...), and tried to update ~/.bashrc with M2_HOME, M2, PATH, but it didn't work because jenkins used sh and not bash. Then I found out that there is a simpler and better way built into jenkins.

After installing maven, I was supposed to configure my maven installation in jenkins.

To configure your maven installation in Jenkins:

  1. login to jenkins web console
  2. click Manage Jenkins --> Configure System
  3. Under Maven, click the "Maven Installations..." button
  4. a. Give it some name b. and under MVN_HOME set the path to where you installed maven, for example "/usr/local/apache-maven/apache-maven-3.0.5"
  5. Click Save button

Define a job with maven target

  1. edit your job
  2. Click "Add build step"
  3. on Maven Version, enter the name you gave your maven installation (step #4 above)
  4. set some goal like clean install
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You can use envInject plugin. It's very powerful.

I use it to install rbenv. And it can inject environment variables into your current job.

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